Re-Evaluating Things

No worries, kids are fine LOL. Recently after a conversation with my counselor I decided I was not really happy. The problem is that some of the things that make me saddest are in fact the very kids I love so much. So my therapist asked me to look at my life and determine what... Continue Reading →

Weekend with N

OMG it seemed like forever and yet when we got to see her and I extracted myself from her grip, we had a wonderful time. We talked a lot about what has been going on for her and shared little to no information about why we were separated. We spent the first day close to... Continue Reading →

Chicken Soup Surprise

Your story “A Voice in the Desert  ” has made it to the initial selection round for Chicken Soup for the Soul: Angels and Miracles. Only a small percent of the submitted stories have made it this far. Yep you read that right, one of the two stories I submitted to Chicken Soup for the... Continue Reading →

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