First Week New Year

OK so this week has been awful with N being belligerent and defiant inside and outside of the house. I was so freaking done then it dawned on me why. So I sat her down and talked to her.  I asked her how she felt about my injury and initially she was defiant and refused... Continue Reading →

More Visit Time

WOW another world wind weekend with N and I am at home now and exhausted. Yes still worth it but dang I am getting old HAHAHAHA. On Saturday it is rainy and gross to be honest. We went to a place called WonderWorks in Syracuse. The link is WonderWorks OMG so freaking much fun. There was... Continue Reading →

Winter Walk in the park.

We took a walk yesterday in the park near our home. We had a great time the weather was a bit rainy so we had the whole place to ourselves. We only ended up doing a mile but it was fun and the dogs had a blast.

Summer time hike

It was a great day to get out. The kids were starting to get on each others nerves and well I had more then enough of their arguments. So we grab our stuff and go to a new hike trail because we have a pass to go to any park so why not be adventurous We... Continue Reading →

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