Fright Fest and Craft Fairs

Every year the Great Escape by us has a Fright Fest. The kids wanted to go and wanted to go but being that I have ABSOLUTELY NO desire to be scared in any situation I did not take them. We talked to the babysitter who used to work here and she gave us the low... Continue Reading →

Visiting N’s Birth Family

Today we drove to Boonville to visit N's birth family. A two and a half hour drive through country, country and an occasional pseudo city. We were to meet them at the park and visit for two hours. We coordinated a lunch in advance so the kids on both sides would not be hungry. OMG... Continue Reading →

Meeting N’s Parents

Today I had to drive to Boonville, NY which is I might add, two hours and 15 minutes away from my house. Oh wait there was a snow storm so make that three hours away for a two hour visit. Grrr I hate this but family is important and well I do sort of want... Continue Reading →

Reality and Fun

So in the midst of all the excitement of course I have to do a grade check and you got it M1 is failing most of her courses. After cursing, yelling and threatening me I told her from here out we do it together. I expected more hatred but it was not too bad. Tonight... Continue Reading →

Missing- One Birth Father

Well it is officially 6 weeks since the Little's birth father has confirmed for a visit. He saw the kids two weeks ago at Mom's house but has not called for his own visit which is I might add, supervised. The case worker got a hold of him last week and he claimed that he... Continue Reading →

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