Shocking Good News

OK weeks ago I asked my parents of they would consider watching N so that I could go on a trip to France with my Army buddies (My BFF would watch M2). Weeks past no word, so I assumed no and was not too terribly disappointed as it is a huge responsibility and they are... Continue Reading →

First Camping Trip

I took the kids camping this weekend. We use to camp a lot but the last two years we sort of cut back because of all the nonsense I had to endure. I decided this year we would do it as it was time for the family to be a family WITHOUT electronics causing use... Continue Reading →

Planning for Disney

I talked a few weeks ago to Little Man's parents about the trip we always make in February to Disney. I got permission to take both of them regardless of where we were with where they lived. Well today I made the official reservations. I am nervous, scared and thrilled all at the same time.... Continue Reading →

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