Countdown to Disney

Well life in NY is snowy at the least. The good news is that in a few short days, 2 to be exact, we are heading to Orlando Florida for our yearly trip to Disney. The better news is that all five of us our going. I am sooooo excited I can't even stand it. My... Continue Reading →

Grand Canyon

OK so I was super excited about the Grand Canyon and the kids were pseudo excited. We spent the day hiking and hiking and in the end they were super tired. The girls were not keen on hiking for 45 minutes straight but when bribed...I mean encouraged with Gatorade they both were troopers. They were totally... Continue Reading →

On Vacation

Well the bad news is that Little Man and Little Bit could not come with us on vacation. Little  Man has been escalating and there was a real safety concern about him on a plane for 5 hours. We hooked him up with M&M his favorite people and former foster parents. They were pumped to... Continue Reading →

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