The Continued Nightmare

Yesterday CPS called me and asked how things were going with M1. I told them I did not know, that I knew she was full of drama and she had been telling people she dropped the baby, she was exhausted and she was going to snap any time now. Well she told this to another... Continue Reading →

A Nightmare Week

I am so grateful and spent after this week that it is hard to put it into words. After reviewing the events as they unfolded I am eternally grateful to the friends who know me outside of my writing world. I leaned on them way more than I have in a bit. On Monday after... Continue Reading →

On this episode……

M1 texted me the other day and tells me she is getting arrested next week. Yes I did the same "huh" when she told me. Turns out last week when boytoy was caught shoplifting she had shoplifted too. Now she thought she had gotten away with it until the video showed it and now this... Continue Reading →

Feeling Used

Today M1 sent another message to me asking if she could move home. This time she told me she had to move home because "her friends need her". I reminded her that she was miserable with us. She had nothing but disdain for me and was constantly angry at her sisters. Since we had not... Continue Reading →

One Step Closer

Hi (ANYM), Attached are the draft documents for your review.  Please let me know if there are any changes that need to be made.  If acceptable as drafted, let me know when you and N can stop by to sign and  I will be happy to notarize. If you have any questions/concerns, please call or... Continue Reading →

Just Getting it All Out

Forgive me regular readers but this one is just me processing out loud because my counselor is not scheduled for this week and I just need to say it all. Thanks for your patience.. Yesterday was suppose to be my one night out a week with no kids. Where to start...ok I never gave N... Continue Reading →

Trial Part 2

I want to wear this as my shirt as I went into the trial for the second time and this time I knew I would be testifying. I have a fever, my glands are swollen and my voice sounds like a young man going through puberty. I have not slept in days and the stress takes... Continue Reading →

Pent Up Emotions

OK so today by no chance, completely planned I had a meeting with my counselor. She asked me how the trial went and I relayed pretty much what you all know. Then she asked me the million dollar question "So how are you feeling?" Ummm angry, frustrated, enraged, upset, vengeful, despairing and tired, so incredibly... Continue Reading →

Trial Part One

No nothing was solved today. Nothing was decided and I did not testify, we ran out of time. I sit here quietly now emotionally and physically exhausted. The pounding headache my testament from keeping my rage bottled up inside. I had no idea how angry I truly was until the CPS worker opened her mouth... Continue Reading →

Ghosts of War becomes real

M1 is currently reading Ghosts of War in her English class. Each night she calls out phrases and words to me for translation and of course I comply, I mean military slang does not translate straightforward and it helps her to understand. When she started reading it she asked if the author and I were... Continue Reading →

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