Trauma and Tin Foil Dinners

Need a fire to make the dinner Parenting kids with trauma is super hard and yet it is what I signed up for when I adopted the kids. I feel stupid now that something didn't dawn on me earlier as I struggled hard with N. She went to respite this weekend and all of the... Continue Reading →

Please Fast Forward

OK so to all the other Moms out there trying to balance kids, work and maintaining your sanity how are you balancing it? I am about to fall apart at the seams. My night time crying has turned to intermittent day time crying and no it is not pretty. I am completely overwhelmed and yes... Continue Reading →

I Am Not Teflon

So I do my best to keep all the moving pieces in my life from an off course collision but I fail many many times. Today as I sat in tears in my counselor's office I said something I have not said in years. I told her I was so freaking hopeless I was not... Continue Reading →

Gad Awful Rooms

I must admit I am not a neat freak. HOWEVER clutter bothers the bejesus out of me. Enter three teen girls. M1 likes to throw stuff on her floor. She hoards food and I find it in drawers, bins and sometimes under her pillow. M2 throws stuff literally everywhere. She does not hoard food but... Continue Reading →

Creating Chaos in 3,2,1

I went to the city for two day this week as part of a study for the Veterans Administration. I left my flock in the care of my BFF who I thought could handle the job of picking up in the evening, one sleepover and dropping off the next day. All care was arranged, meals... Continue Reading →

A Miracle in Therapy

M1 wants to be a counselor in training next summer at the YMCA. She is good with kids, can think in an emergency and gets kids involved. It sounds perfect right??? It is all true but it is also true that she sexually abused her sister, molested two elementary school boys and sexually harassed middle... Continue Reading →

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