Thanksgiving Eve

I am on the brink of having a catastrophic meltdown on my own. I am so enraged that I have to sit quietly because I am also in so far over my head I need a break for real. I have bronchitis and a sinus infection. I spent all last week battling a fever and... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Firsts

So today was a day of firsts for Miss N. We started off by watching the Macy's day parade. She has never seen the parade before and looked in awe as we explained we sometimes go to see it in real life. We tried to explain how big the balloons were and she clearly did... Continue Reading →

Being Thankful Despite

As you saw I went to the parade with two of four children and then we went to Gramma's house I dreaded this part because in my parents eyes I do so little right. I just wait for the criticism when the girls are out of ear shot and per usual it came. My BFF... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving in NYC

So yesterday I went to NYC to see the Macy's day Parade. Now I love the city going in spending time and most of all leaving. I took M1 and M2, my BFF and her boyfriend and off we went at 3am to the city The weather was freezing cold and it was snowing, then... Continue Reading →

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