Staying Well

I am finally back home with the kids. They were happy to see me and I told them before they all run off dinner tonight was mandatory for all of us. We had time to catch up with N as she was away from us and in a few Baby K will be back home.... Continue Reading →

Corona Virus Challenges

I must admit, life is rarely boring for me. I think in the midst of all the chaos that defines my usual existance suddenly, from the dark corners of my past comes my ghosts out to haunt me LOL. OK so the COVID 19 is a serious thing and I work for the state. I... Continue Reading →

Kidz Expo

I forgot all about the Kidz Expo this past Saturday and how much fun we actually had attending it. They offer a wide range of activities for all ages and the girls loved it. The tortoise Baby K was brave enough to touch. The bearded dragon we all touched. It was soo sweet. N holding... Continue Reading →

Teen Battles

I love my two at home kiddos, I really do but today they are super annoying and reduced me to tears. N has been in contact with her family so of course I take the way way back seat. M2 had a friend over today so a lot of fronting behaviors happened that might not... Continue Reading →

Facing Hard Truths

Today I had N's CSE meeting. Overall it is a good meeting for sure. She has made a lot of progress in many areas. Of course there are struggles but we came up with plans to help and prevent as much as one parent can. Of course mid way through the meeting the CSE chair... Continue Reading →

Back Into Routines

Well the fun of the vacation has ended boo hiss. It was a really nice time and I am shocked because usually something goes wrong, a fight breaks out, tempers flaire or the baby melts down. So when none of this happened I wondered what would happen next...I know I am paranoid. So it turns... Continue Reading →

Moments of Delight

I have taken this title from one of the blogs I read AdoptiveBlackMom. I love her blog and her most recent posts were about remembering the small delights along the way of this journey. So here are some of my moments of delight. When M2 turned her head and looked at me when she heard... Continue Reading →

No Way to Win

Today's exchange with M1: I haven’t slept all night; Baby S would only sleep in a weird position that made me hurt so I couldn’t sleep, do you think you can take her tonight? Mom please take her M1 I have to work and I have other kids in the house. I know it is... Continue Reading →

Christmas Day itself

I will start with a funny story, though it is only funny because it was not serious. I have been cooking since I was 10 years old. I have worked in many kitchens and can cook just about anything, as long as it is not ornate or super decorative as I am not really good... Continue Reading →

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