The Blossoming White Belts

Well it has been a few weeks and Tae Kwon Do has been going well. The instructors are super nice and have been advised that M2 is special needs and should not be separated from Mom. All have been encouraging both when she is working with me and attempting to get her to work with... Continue Reading →

Facing My Tae Kwon Do Fears

So tonight was the night we went to Tae Kwon Do. I was so nervous I could not eat and could barely talk once I got home. The kids laughed at me and could not get my concern. The kids scarfed down their dinner and M2 was literally running around non stop with excitement. If you... Continue Reading →

Tae Kwon Do

So before I had the kids I was studying Tae Kwon Do at a local school. I loved it and had a great time during class and competitions. I was fairly good too and my specialty was breaking and I often won the competition for my age class. All was good and I was progressing... Continue Reading →

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