Re-Evaluating Things

No worries, kids are fine LOL. Recently after a conversation with my counselor I decided I was not really happy. The problem is that some of the things that make me saddest are in fact the very kids I love so much. So my therapist asked me to look at my life and determine what... Continue Reading →

Because you are loud

So yesterday we went to Taekwondo. Before class I was talking with Mrs. F who is my age, literally 2 days younger, and she was letting me know that black belts now had to break as part of their belt stripe testing. Hmmm this is news I have not broken in almost 2 years, nope... Continue Reading →

Belt Testing

This past Saturday the girls did their testing in TKD. It was happy and sad for me. Happy because I got to see them, sad because I was sidelined. I had been working hard too but it was not meant to be I guess. This was N's first test. Yikes so many things I did... Continue Reading →

Tae Kwon Do Test Preparation

Next Saturday we all have to test for Tae Kwon Do. M1 will be going for her advanced blue belt, N will go for her yellow belt and M2 will go for her purple belt. Me, well I am testing for my second piece of yellow tape. First degree black belts have 9 levels until... Continue Reading →

Managing My Expectations

Well it is hard to believe that in a few short weeks it will be time for M1, M2 and my BFF to test for their new belts. We did a forms review in class this week and wow I am super critical is all I can say. The instructor broke us out via belt... Continue Reading →

Newest Yellow Belts

Well the day is finally here and I faced it with dread. M2¬†would have to go onto the mat without me to help her, follow the directions and take her test for her yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do. I tried to encourage her in the morning telling her how smart she was and how... Continue Reading →

A Crazy Plan That Actually Worked

So how many of you have ever had one of those days were everything is so freaking nuts you thought "Oh well what the hell, nothing else worked lets try this...." and then tried something you usually would not even consider? I went to work this morning after being offered a new job yesterday and... Continue Reading →

A Turkey for the Master

Yesterday was a tough day for M2 and Little Man. I was out teaching and our most beloved babysitter was having a heck of a time with them. Fortunately, M1 and my BFF happened to come home in the middle of it and my BFF took over sending¬†everyone to bed early. So this morning we... Continue Reading →

TKD Partners

I am having a lot of fun at Tae Kwon Do and so are the kids. I am super happy we did it. Usually I am the one who has to pair with M2 for the class per the Master's instructions but I usually don't mind. We separate for forms but my BFF takes M2... Continue Reading →

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