Vacation Get Away

I have to be honest, before the trial I had made a plan to go with the babies and M2 to Seaside Heights, NJ. I had it banked with my attorney to get approval from the judge if custody was not awarded. I had not told M1 and boytoy. I had also not told N.... Continue Reading →

Summertime Blues

I bought locks two weeks ago to put on the fridge, freezer and food pantries to try to curb how much food N has the ability to steal. It has worked for the most part but to give you the full picture of how the behavior is not actually hunger let me flash back to... Continue Reading →

Shocking Good News

OK weeks ago I asked my parents of they would consider watching N so that I could go on a trip to France with my Army buddies (My BFF would watch M2). Weeks past no word, so I assumed no and was not too terribly disappointed as it is a huge responsibility and they are... Continue Reading →

First Camping Trip

I took the kids camping this weekend. We use to camp a lot but the last two years we sort of cut back because of all the nonsense I had to endure. I decided this year we would do it as it was time for the family to be a family WITHOUT electronics causing use... Continue Reading →

Grand Canyon

OK so I was super excited about the Grand Canyon and the kids were pseudo excited. We spent the day hiking and hiking and in the end they were super tired. The girls were not keen on hiking for 45 minutes straight but when bribed...I mean encouraged with Gatorade they both were troopers. They were totally... Continue Reading →

Thank Goodness for Bed Time

OK so I am not going to win Mother of the Year anytime soon and while on one  level I accept this on the other I hope I don't  come  in close to first for Worst  Mommy of the Year. It is the first day of summer vacation and everyone is excited...can't find the is... Continue Reading →

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