Gad Awful Vacation

So I might not go on vacation for awhile now that I just had this experience. All of it is true and none of it is pretty. Please be warned some of the information I will discuss in this post are NOT for those who are faint of heart or easily offended. I promise to... Continue Reading →

The Continued Nightmare

Yesterday CPS called me and asked how things were going with M1. I told them I did not know, that I knew she was full of drama and she had been telling people she dropped the baby, she was exhausted and she was going to snap any time now. Well she told this to another... Continue Reading →

Winds of Change

So BirthMom got an apartment and has not moved in yet. There is no rhyme or reason to it though she gives "reasons" none are real reasons. I am concerned but what can I do except offer support. The caseworker is frustrated too, Mom wants to keep her job but works from 12-7pm the case... Continue Reading →

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