Teaching “Relationships”

Lately M2 and N have been obsessed with the fact I am single. They keep asking me if I am ever going to go out with my male friend P again. While the answer is yes, its because its his birthday month and on our respective birth months we take the other one out to... Continue Reading →

Whirlwind Days

You know in the playground so many years ago they had a spinning ride that your friends ran around to get you going then jumped on with you? You have to be a bit older I suppose to remember them but they were fun. Well they are fun when they are a ride and not... Continue Reading →

Faking it poorly

On Saturday was the banquet for Tae Kwon Do. I sat at a table with five 17 year olds, a Dad and my BFF. It was tough for me as I suffer from social anxiety. Yep not kidding, ever want to see me stutter and sweat like I was just working out at Tae Kwon... Continue Reading →

My Autism Experience

I know when people hear about Autism and children with Autism the stereotypes abound. Ignorance also abounds and as it is Autism Awareness Month I thought I would tell you what Autism looks like in my house. M2 is on the Autism Spectrum. Her official diagnosis is Pervasive Development Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. M2 loves her... Continue Reading →

Invisible Disabilities

Tonight I went to talk to a class of graduate counseling students on living with invisible disabilities. My disabilities are invisible as are M1's but our struggle to overcome our disabilities is similar and at times I feel bonds us. I speak openly to the students about first what it was like to be a... Continue Reading →

Raging is no fun….

Here I sit about seven feet away from M2 who is raging right now. The anger spews forth with the vile words of how much she hates me and how rotten and unfair I am to her. Yes I found out she did no school work and had it sent home so she can do... Continue Reading →

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