Approaching Finalization

We are finalizing on August 3 at 1 p.m.!!!!!!! Attorney C from our office will be present with ANYM and N. ANYM- The court said other family members/friends are welcome and cameras are fine but no balloons, signs, or cake.. Please confirm you received this email.  Thank you! Yep finally got the word. Believe it or... Continue Reading →

One Step Closer

Hi (ANYM), Attached are the draft documents for your review.  Please let me know if there are any changes that need to be made.  If acceptable as drafted, let me know when you and N can stop by to sign and  I will be happy to notarize. If you have any questions/concerns, please call or... Continue Reading →

3 Month Anniversary

Guess what it is official we are at three months and one day. N has lasted longer in my home than ANY OTHER of the 8 homes she has been in. OK being straight up there were times I could not imagine holding this together. Well all right it sort of fell apart BUT it... Continue Reading →

Faking it poorly

On Saturday was the banquet for Tae Kwon Do. I sat at a table with five 17 year olds, a Dad and my BFF. It was tough for me as I suffer from social anxiety. Yep not kidding, ever want to see me stutter and sweat like I was just working out at Tae Kwon... Continue Reading →

Starting to feel real

OK so last night I went shopping at the warehouse store because I had coupons and was in desperate need of some basics. As I unloaded my very full cart all of the sudden it hit me....OMG I am preparing for more kids at the house....this is really happening. Yeah the anxiety hit hard at... Continue Reading →

Home study Draft

WOW finally after what seems like an eternity I got a draft of the home study. I was so worried about what she would say as in the middle of the first interview M2 had a melt down. During the second interview M1 and M2 got into a huge fight. She had an issue with... Continue Reading →

On Being Jealous

I sat at home last night watching mindless TV. I flipped to The Little Couple and I had not really seen it before so I thought, OK let me watch. I knew the basic story line so it was not hard to follow and heck their little boy is a doll. They are adopting their... Continue Reading →

How Much is Too Much???

I was at work today when my BFF sent me an email. It said to check out this link for a child she had come across. I looked at the face and almost immediately I wanted to scoop her up. Yes I have felt this way before but usually about younger kids, this young lady... Continue Reading →

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