Winter Fun

We like to sled at our house. Since we live in upstate NY we have months of winter and tons of snow this is a good thing. Today we decided that it was the day we go sledding. The hill we went to today was super steep and gads of fun. Of course the down... Continue Reading →

Winter Fun

Tonight M1 and boytoy took off to who knows where. M2, N and I all went sledding and had fun in the backyard. We laughed super hard and had a blast. After we came in, warmed up and went to Subway for dinner. Both girls admitted they had a lot of fun so that made... Continue Reading →

Winter Wonderland

OK so I had N this weekend and on Sunday I called them and asked if all was well as I saw they were predicted to get lake effect snow. For all who do not know lake effect snow is serious don't even try to drive snow. They said they were fine, no was... Continue Reading →

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