M1 at it Again

M1 and boytoy had Baby K from Saturday to Sunday. They told me they were dropping off Baby K between 2:30 and 3pm. Ok its fine I was home doing yardwork anyway. N and I were tearing down a fence and M2 was mowing, we were having a basically good day overall. Then of course... Continue Reading →

Visiting N’s Birth Family

Today we drove to Boonville to visit N's birth family. A two and a half hour drive through country, country and an occasional pseudo city. We were to meet them at the park and visit for two hours. We coordinated a lunch in advance so the kids on both sides would not be hungry. OMG... Continue Reading →

Approaching Finalization

We are finalizing on¬†August 3 at 1 p.m.!!!!!!! Attorney C from our office will be present with ANYM and N. ANYM- The court said other family members/friends are welcome and cameras are fine but no balloons, signs, or cake.. Please confirm you received this email.¬† Thank you! Yep finally got the word. Believe it or... Continue Reading →

Meeting N’s Parents

Today I had to drive to Boonville, NY which is I might add, two hours and 15 minutes away from my house. Oh wait there was a snow storm so make that three hours away for a two hour visit. Grrr I hate this but family is important and well I do sort of want... Continue Reading →

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