Week One Down

So it has been almost 10 days of them being in school and so far wow not expected. N is doing well overall and I have no complaints from her teacher. M2 is testing boundaries and putting the new staff through their paces. Nothing really serious but enough that it had to be addressed. Oh... Continue Reading →

Reading Is Fundamental

Well if you are my age you probably remember that adage from the television and getting people to read more. It turns out that reading a basic life skill is something that both M2 and N struggle with, and struggle hard. OK I need to help them both, I need to make reading a priority... Continue Reading →

Can I Stay After……

I get an email today from M1, Mom can I stay after for Biology? I laugh out loud to myself and reply "OK last three times you said this it was all lies. Not falling for it again." She quickly replied "Oh no this time I promise" Ummm yep you said that last time. Then... Continue Reading →

Role Models

So M1 had a project due that she was postponing and blaming on my not letting her use the computer. She was supposed to pick a role model and do a report on them. After violating all house rules she got to spend quality time with me at work and I told her to work... Continue Reading →

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