She’s Baaaackkk

OMG last night was a nightmare!!!! M1 almost ripped me a new butt hole because I called her out on lying to the school saying I was refusing to let her move back in. I made her tell me the exact words I used which were "If you want to stay here you need to... Continue Reading →

Lunch Dates

Today I had the chance to reconnect with a male friend who I use to date many years ago. We have a long history which includes some dark parts and some sunshine and roses parts. Truth be told, except that he hurt me badly the first time I would probably date him again. I love... Continue Reading →

Family Reunion Part 2

Sunday rolls around and off to church we go. We help my Mom set up for the buffet afterwards and then headed up to mass. While we were sitting my niece and her Dad came in and sat next to me. She plopped down next to me and put her head on my shoulder....yep melted... Continue Reading →

Family Reunion Part 1

Well the last four days have been a pure nightmare with bursts of sunshine but mostly heavy downpours. I am typing so tired, angry, frustrated and just pure exhausted I am not even sure I can get my thoughts all out....Let's see how did this begin..... This past weekend was my nephew's baptism. I was... Continue Reading →

Family Time

I am not sure I ever mentioned how on earth I came to be with M1 and M2 so let me back up a bit to lay the ground work. Nineteen years ago, I was drowning in a sea of despair. I was in and out of depression like it was my home town. I... Continue Reading →

Visiting the ‘Rents

So this past weekend my sister flew in from Colorado to Silver Springs NY to visit her in laws. The in laws invited me and my parents to their house for a get together. We agreed I would come out on Saturday and on Sunday have breakfast with my parents and sister/brother in law/niece and... Continue Reading →

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