What would you do?

I am at a jam currently and am not sure what to do next. Last week CPS called and they were going to close out the case against the kids, you know the one that started in December. They wanted to know if there were any updates I told them sure, last week M1 told... Continue Reading →

Giving Birth

I am a Grandmother. She was born at 3am on Monday 10/22/18. Mother and baby are doing well. She weighed 7.4 pounds and was 21 inches long. Her name is Baby K. Well no it isn't but yes for my purposes it is. I was there from the induction on Saturday till the birth on... Continue Reading →

Therapizing M1

Today we had our scheduled therapy appointment with M1. We have been with this therapist for 9 years now and she knows both of us inside and out. She knows M1s tricks and my temper so not much shocks her any more. I was glad we had the appointment though because of the lack of... Continue Reading →

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