An Unexpected Story

I will start by saying I cried when it happened so you might want to get a tissue. We went out to dinner last night, myself, M2, N and Baby K. The place knows us and inevitably when we go there we see people we know. It is a small Italian place but the food... Continue Reading →

Memorial Day

I went to leave work and my boss says to me "Have a good Memorial Day." and I cringe inside, no Memorial Day isn't good. When you tell a veteran to have a good Memorial Day it is the equivalent of saying "Have fun at that funeral!!" I know it sounds absurd but it is the... Continue Reading →

Mud Fest Fun

It is that time of the year again. It is time for the annual mudfest which we love to go to. It is a run in memory of one of the victims of the Newtown school shooting, Daniel Barden. I grew up about 10 minutes from Newtown and one of my friends from college knows... Continue Reading →

Toughing Out Memorial Day

So today in church we said a prayer for all the service members who paid the ultimate price. No it is not Happy Memorial Day to me, it is not happy at all. I busied myself with the coffee hour set up and take down. It was not my day but the woman who was supposed... Continue Reading →

Mom Did You Ever…..

So M1 is on a new tear lately and it amuses me to some end I must admit. It started a few weeks ago when I had hung up with my Mom and M1 could see I was frustrated. She said to me "Mom did you ever bother Grandma when you were growing up?" I... Continue Reading →

Finding Rainbows

Today  I went to counseling with my counselor who has been out of the office for the last three weeks. I was happy to see her as she is really sweet and been great at providing support during these last few months of hell. I updated her on the antics of M1 and she as... Continue Reading →

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