Talking About Being Muslim

Today I had a very interesting conversation with M2 when we went to pick up Baby Shark. I will start with we are practicing Episcopalian and I am on the Vestry or the governing body for our church. So having this foundation the story will continue LOL. We went downstairs to pick up the Shark... Continue Reading →

Navigating Job Readiness

Nope not M1 this time!! So at this point N has a vocational worker who is teaching her things that are required for on the job. Problem, N assumes this means that next week at 16 she can apply for and get a job no issues. While the worker and I have both told her... Continue Reading →

Today’s Church Sermon

There was a song from a long time ago that went like this: He sang as if he knew me In all my dark despair And then he looked right through me As if I wasn't there And he just kept on singing Singing clear and strong Strumming my pain with his fingers Singing my... Continue Reading →

3 Month Anniversary

Guess what it is official we are at three months and one day. N has lasted longer in my home than ANY OTHER of the 8 homes she has been in. OK being straight up there were times I could not imagine holding this together. Well all right it sort of fell apart BUT it... Continue Reading →

Old Church New Church

It was a┬ávery emotional day today. After several weeks of not being able to tell the old church I was not coming back I had finally composed the email to send. I explained to the Rector that the church had become unhealthy as evidenced by the series of angry and vengeful emails that have been... Continue Reading →

Trying on other churches

Well today we decided that we would try a new church. Now I am not sure I ever mentioned but I did not want to change rites, I enjoy being an Episcopalian, but I needed to think about different congregations. So I remembered that there was an Episcopalian church right near where I use to... Continue Reading →

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