Teaching “Relationships”

Lately M2 and N have been obsessed with the fact I am single. They keep asking me if I am ever going to go out with my male friend P again. While the answer is yes, its because its his birthday month and on our respective birth months we take the other one out to... Continue Reading →

Belt Testing

Yesterday at TKD we had a test. Basically it means I spend from 9-1 grading others doing TKD and 1-5 or so getting graded on what I can do. Both girls tested yesterday and only M2 earned her belt. So bear with me on the longish story. I had spent the morning judging and at... Continue Reading →

Today’s Church Sermon

There was a song from a long time ago that went like this: He sang as if he knew me In all my dark despair And then he looked right through me As if I wasn't there And he just kept on singing Singing clear and strong Strumming my pain with his fingers Singing my... Continue Reading →

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