Returned Again

M1 returned to the house today. We made her switch rooms so she did not have free access to a back door to slip boys in and out of. Also, now that she is pregnant, I can't have the infant crying and waking up N when it comes to school time. No not due any... Continue Reading →

Why, just why?

Today M1 decided after being away from the house for a week and a half that I should allow her friend to move in with her into my home. When I tried to explain the stupidity behind letting a stranger move in with us, she went from almost pleasant to psychotic in just a few... Continue Reading →

Facing my reality

I think I may have mentioned before the M1 is diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder. While the struggle is very real and very hard I often lie to myself about how bad it really is living with it day in and out. Let me clarify On Monday I ask her where her homework is. She... Continue Reading →

The Stealing Never Ends.

OK so I tell M1  that Eminem is an "angry little white man" but hey she can relate to the lyrics so whatever. Well when Momma is steamed I turn to Pink. All right not as trendy as the white rapper boy but hey I am old. So today after a confrontation with M1 the... Continue Reading →

All RADed out

OK so yesterday M1 decided to steal money from me yet again. She did it when I went to walk the dog. It was not a lot this time, $3 but at this point it is the upteenth million time she has stolen, she again went INTO my stuff and stole from me, she made sure I... Continue Reading →

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