The Slippery Slope

If I said my life was spinning way out of control right now I think it would be accurate. I am not sure you would see it if you were looking in on me but if you were my cubicle mate or my shadow you would see it for sure. Yes I share a cubicle... Continue Reading →

So Mad I Cried

I had to take M1 to the Nurse Practitioner today who prescribes her meds. I have concerns because she is WAY more impulsive, unable to control emotions at school and goes from zero to I am going to rip your f*** head off in 3 seconds flat. All of this misery since the meds were... Continue Reading →

Halloween and Mental Illness

"Welcome to the Insane Asylum" is what the ad said and part of me got really sad. It is Halloween and of course there will be haunted everything but when I see insanity plugged in and used to scare people it makes me sad, really really sad. No it is not because of the kids,... Continue Reading →

A Miracle in Therapy

M1 wants to be a counselor in training next summer at the YMCA. She is good with kids, can think in an emergency and gets kids involved. It sounds perfect right??? It is all true but it is also true that she sexually abused her sister, molested two elementary school boys and sexually harassed middle... Continue Reading →

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