Birthday Wishes

Tomorrow is Memorial Day a typically sad day for me as I remember my two fallen friends Phil and Lou. I will have my daughter and my BFF over tomorrow for a cook out and I will celebrate with my family. On Wednesday though it will be both my BFF's birthday and my niece's birthday.... Continue Reading →

Christmas Blues

I struggle a lot during the Christmas season and even when M1 is not off the wall it has always been hard to get through the holidays. I go through the motions, making cookies, going to mass, handing out presents and cooking the dinner but the whole time there is a persistent sadness that has... Continue Reading →

Happy Un-Institutional Birthday N

I cannot even wrap my mind around what is going through N's head before she went to bed. She asked about a hundred questions about cakes, birthdays, presents and dinner. I assured her several times she picked the dinner as we could not go out it was a school night. She wants Kraft Macaroni and... Continue Reading →

Christmas Time

Christmas time came and went and we had a ton of firsts and excitement. On Christmas eve we baked cookies. M1 had never on her own made up cookie dough and N had never actually stamped out sugar cookies before. Both did well and yes I took charge of baking because, well that is annoying... Continue Reading →

Birthdays Galore

OK so M1 and my Mom have birthdays near each other. My Mom is 8/6 and M1 is 8/7 so this weekend was a biggy. Mom was 70, my kiddo 16. Yeah so M2 is a bit caked out but oh well such as it is. My Mom had a great day and saw so... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas one and all

The big day finally came. M2 was up later then usual for her and bounced me out of bed yelling "Santa knows I still like Toy Story" I opened one eye and saw it was light out...translation no chance of getting more sleep. M1 came up a bit later and brought some gifts to open.... Continue Reading →

Through M2’s Eyes

I forget sometimes that M2 also has a perspective on life, especially hers. Yesterday I had to go to a funeral for a friend who lost her battle with breast cancer. I explained to the kids I was sad that she died because I would miss her but that she was in heaven now so... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Little Man

Well I should have guessed it would happen. At 4:30 this morning a very excited M2 jumped into my bed announcing it was morning. I shushed her quickly and told her it was no where near time to get up yet. I must have fallen back to sleep because the next thing I hear is... Continue Reading →

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