Getting Back on Track

WOW it has been a weekend of huge emotions here at Maison ANYM. We got the fantastically good news on Friday that I was FINALLY cleared. I cried and cried and did I mention cried. Dear heavens I had no idea how much stress this was causing me, well that and the girls, they screamed... Continue Reading →

Feeling Bad for Myself

Well today is my birthday, please do NOT wish me a happy birthday because..well just don't I can explain. When I was 10 years old my fathers mother had a stroke and died 14 days later. My parents told me it was my fault she has the stroke and for several years after her death,... Continue Reading →

One Year Later

Last year at this time I had just been visited by CPS for what would end up being the worst year I have survived in the states. I had the Littles  and was transitioning them home. I was visiting N and making plans to move her in. Somewhere in the midst of all the happiness... Continue Reading →

Chicken Soup Follow Up

Dear "ANYM " Your story “A Voice in the Desert  ” has made it to the final selection round for Chicken Soup for the Soul: Angels and Miracles. We are so appreciative of your participation and very excited about this book. Please find enclosed the final version of your story for approval. Please review your story for truth, accuracy of... Continue Reading →

More Issues Surface

I picked up Little Bit today from daycare as Grandfather is having issues with kidney stones and was in a lot of pain. I get to the daycare and the Director stops me, "Hey ANYM Mom is not in rehab she is three blocks down from here. Do you want to pick her up this time... Continue Reading →

Starting to Heal

WOW let me tell you the surgery second time around hurts just as much as it did 15 years ago. Great news, healing well, scar tissues and calcifications cleared out and plate in with minimal complications. Now give me a moment to brag about the kiddos. My Mom took the kids on Tuesday and my... Continue Reading →

Supports pulled in 3,2,1

Three weeks go the intern that M1 was seeing announced we had one visit left before she was going. Yep one week notice and no there is not a back up plan we will have to wait for someone else to be hired. There are two therapists full time one of which threw me into... Continue Reading →

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