New Year Old Struggles

I am trying to be positive so let's see how this goes.... Positive, I have wanted a Ninja Foodi so after struggling with the holidays I decided that I would buy myself one. Now they are expensive and so it took me a bit to struggle with coughing up the monies but my coworker swore... Continue Reading →

Pre Middle School Drama

I am just now back from the middle school locker night. We had a time of it for sure. Now I knew that M2 was going to struggle with combination locks. I knew this, I did not plan for a one and done. I stood for several moments with her, explained it a few times,... Continue Reading →

Songs of the year

Everyone is doing a year in review so here is my twist. Here are some¬†songs of this year and a reflection on my year. "Oh I swear to you. I'll be ¬†there for you, this is not a drive by...." Train Yeah no matter what kiddos I am there for you. I love you to... Continue Reading →

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