Mother’s Day

Wow I am so glad today is over. I keep trying to forget about Mother's Day in my house for a range of reasons, mostly because when it comes to two out of three kids, well I am crap. On the up side all three have to be reminded and prodded to call their first... Continue Reading →

Visit From My Mom

So for Mother's day I bought my Mom tickets to see Riverdance. She is a huge fan but would never go on her own and if I bought her tickets near her she would not go with a friend. So that means she comes up here to my house. My kids laugh because they see... Continue Reading →

“Not the Mom-ma!”

I was in my cubicle today at work and I was deep into data entry when I heard someone call my name. I turn to see the office gossip at my entrance. I sigh, I don't usually have patience for her, my life has enough drama without her but I am running a new program... Continue Reading →

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