Memorial Day

I went to leave work and my boss says to me "Have a good Memorial Day." and I cringe inside, no Memorial Day isn't good. When you tell a veteran to have a good Memorial Day┬áit is the equivalent of saying "Have fun at that funeral!!" I know it sounds absurd but it is the... Continue Reading →

Remembering a Leader

Normally I post about my kids and my life with them but this blog is going to be about something I almost never talk about which is my military career. It is not all of it as some is way too painful to try to put to words but instead a remembrance of a leader... Continue Reading →

Ghosts of War becomes real

M1 is currently reading Ghosts of War in her English class. Each night she calls out phrases and words to me for translation and of course I comply, I mean military slang does not translate straightforward and it helps her to understand. When she started reading it she asked if the author and I were... Continue Reading →

The Veteran Assembly

I went to the elementary school as they were having an assembly to honor veterans. M2 and Little Man were a bit excited after all most days Mom does not come to school. I hate these things I really do. Yes we should honor veterans but no I do not want to be honored. I... Continue Reading →

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