Memorial Day

I went to leave work and my boss says to me "Have a good Memorial Day." and I cringe inside, no Memorial Day isn't good. When you tell a veteran to have a good Memorial Day¬†it is the equivalent of saying "Have fun at that funeral!!" I know it sounds absurd but it is the... Continue Reading →

Toughing Out Memorial Day

So today in church we said a prayer for all the service members who paid the ultimate price. No it is not Happy¬†Memorial Day to me, it is not happy at all. I busied myself with the coffee hour set up and take down. It was not my day but the woman who was supposed... Continue Reading →

Remembering on Memorial Day

It is Memorial Day and it is for me and vicariously my children a sad day. To me it is not about the BBQs and the start of summer it is that Phil and Lou, two men I served with never came home. I think about their families and look them up. Both widows seem... Continue Reading →

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