One Year Anniversary

OK a year ago today we had N to our house for the first full week of time with us. She helped me make the Thanksgiving dinner and was generally compliant with directions and requests. We did not get to bring her back on time due to lake effect snow at Hillside, so the week... Continue Reading →

Remembering to Track Progress

Sometimes I forget that I cannot measure the success of my kids, or my parenting skills based on current events. Having said that I must confess for the last few days I have been faulting myself like its my job for every minor mishap. Yesterday however something happened that made me take note. It unfolded... Continue Reading →

Measuring Progress

Yesterday I brought M1 and M2 for their yearly physicals. The same NP has seen them for the last 8 years and she was reminiscing about where the girls were compared to where they are now. I get caught up in the day to day and sometimes forget that progress has been made and it... Continue Reading →

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