Mom 1 Defiant Teen 0

OK please understand I am laughing as I type this because of the absurdity of all of it. Yes it is all true, I swear so hopefully you can laugh too. I have told N now for four days to clean up her room. It is gad-awful, clothes, wrappers and dirt all over. Ignores me... Continue Reading →

Robbed Again then Screamed At

Sometimes I just get so tired that even sleep won't help. Right now I just want to yell and scream. I want to be aggressive to my oldest but instead I sit here and warn her to not speak another word to me today. What happened you ask.....well she again stole from me. Yesterday M2... Continue Reading →

Choosing Silence

M1 was at a sleep over on Friday and while it made me happy she had a friend the fact she comes home stinking to high heaven of cigarette smoke, well a real downside. She refuses my emails about a pick up time so I go and get her. She is sullen and silent in... Continue Reading →

Lies Falling Like Leaves

Sooooo today I took the three girls to Kicker Arena Cross. If you have no idea what that is, it is dirt bike and quad racing. Yep my inner country was showing. See proof I really go there. So at some point M1 asks if she can go to the bathroom. I look at her... Continue Reading →

One Year Later

Last year at this time I had just been visited by CPS for what would end up being the worst year I have survived in the states. I had the Littles ¬†and was transitioning them home. I was visiting N and making plans to move her in. Somewhere in the midst of all the happiness... Continue Reading →

So Tired I Want to Cry

I reminded M1 to do her laundry today as she is getting ready to go to school. She per usual stalls and does not do her laundry. I ask why she says "I don't have time" OK of all the un- Christian words that went through my head, I just walked upstairs to chill out.... Continue Reading →

Can I Stay After……

I get an email today from M1, Mom can I stay after for Biology? I laugh out loud to myself and reply "OK last three times you said this it was all lies. Not falling for it again." She quickly replied "Oh no this time I promise" Ummm yep you said that last time. Then... Continue Reading →

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