Moments of Delight

I have taken this title from one of the blogs I read AdoptiveBlackMom. I love her blog and her most recent posts were about remembering the small delights along the way of this journey. So here are some of my moments of delight. When M2 turned her head and looked at me when she heard... Continue Reading →

Heart Breaking Talks

So I still see Little Bit and Little Man and this weekend I got to have Little Bit come and visit. Her brother was running a fever and not himself so it was tough but of course I love to take either or both of them. When I went to pick them up Little Bit... Continue Reading →

Two Months Down One to Go

It has been just over two months now that N has lived with us. In her world this is a record. The longest placement was three so we still have a month to go but no worries we are heading in that direction. Parenting N is hard though and today fortunately one of the workers... Continue Reading →

Demonstrating Forgiveness

Last night we had to make a run to the Armory I was assigned to when I deployed. I was going to meet one of my military friends and hand him some artifacts for the museum display he is creating for Operation Iraqi Freedom. I worked in Psychological Operations so I have some pretty unique... Continue Reading →

Victory with Little Bit

Well it has been three months of me trying so hard to get Little Bit to trust me more and let me mother her. I always ask "Can I hug you? Can I give you a kiss? May I have a hug?" and sometimes when I get a "NO" I respect it and don't do... Continue Reading →

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