Today’s Church Sermon

There was a song from a long time ago that went like this: He sang as if he knew me In all my dark despair And then he looked right through me As if I wasn't there And he just kept on singing Singing clear and strong Strumming my pain with his fingers Singing my... Continue Reading →

Faking it poorly

On Saturday was the banquet for Tae Kwon Do. I sat at a table with five 17 year olds, a Dad and my BFF. It was tough for me as I suffer from social anxiety. Yep not kidding, ever want to see me stutter and sweat like I was just working out at Tae Kwon... Continue Reading →

Knowing your audience

I am currently a trainer for the state and as such I am well aware of the adage of knowing your audience so you get the best results. Unfortunately, I am the ONLY trainer in my section, oh heck there is only one of me in the whole organization. No I am not bragging but... Continue Reading →

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