Off to Basic Training

Yesterday M1 dropped boytoy off at MEPS. For those that don't know MEPS is the Military Entrance Processing Unit. Located down the street from where I work, it is where the recruits for all services start their paperwork for basic training. He was sequestered after 4pm and could only talk to my daughter via phone.... Continue Reading →

Here Comes the Bad News Train

I am wiped after the funeral for M1 and M2's birth Grandmother but not just because of the drama their family thrives in. This time it was my own family drama that got the best of me. On Tuesday my Mom called me and told me the first biopsy done on her eyebrow was positive... Continue Reading →

Missed Rites of Passage

This was the backdrop for our announcement. I said we were expecting, she was due to arrive on 12/23/16, her name and her age. Several of my smart mouth friends (who I love dearly) made comments about my womb size and how long I waited to give birth. HAHAHA ok ok I get it but... Continue Reading →

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