I am writing this at 4am on Christmas morning. Baby S has just been fed and she is "arguing" with me as she falls asleep in her swing. She is so funny she becomes very vocal as she puts herself to sleep. She grunts and grunts which is why it sounds like she is mad... Continue Reading →

Happy 13th Birthday M2

OMG my baby is an official teenager. Good part is we already have puberty and attitude down. Uggg some days she drives me insane with the mouth and the talk back. I have to laugh though other days I remembered how I prayed for years she would finally talk. Yes be careful what you wish... Continue Reading →

Christmas Pictures

Today we went to get Christmas pictures and as any parent knows this could be a great day or a colossal train wreck depending on the kids. I tell M1 to go get dressed in her black outfit, I had bought her new black jeans and a black shirt. I tell M2 to go put... Continue Reading →

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