Practicing Self Care

I had a long talk with my counselor about the mess that my life has become. I am aware that I will likely spend a large portion of my life raising an infant I had no desire to parent. Yes I am angry but it isn't the child's fault. The other larger issue is me... Continue Reading →

Tae Kwon Do Test Preparation

Next Saturday we all have to test for Tae Kwon Do. M1 will be going for her advanced blue belt, N will go for her yellow belt and M2 will go for her purple belt. Me, well I am testing for my second piece of yellow tape. First degree black belts have 9 levels until... Continue Reading →

Wow Did I Mess Up!!!!!

I bow down to pray I try to make the worse seem better Lord, show me the way...-┬áLady Gaga, Million Reasons You know when you live from moment to moment it is hard to remember that sometimes you ┬áneed to plan. Living with kids with trauma is a non stop zoo and unfortunately in the... Continue Reading →

When Real is Scary

It has been a chaotic week to say the least. M1 got her grades back and she failed three courses. She wants me to pay $300 so she can take 2 this summer and I refused. She had the chance in school and did not do it, nope not spending any more money to have... Continue Reading →

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