Devastating Birth Family News

Wow my head is still spinning. For those that do not know the story, I have known M1 and M2's family for over 16 years. I met M1 when she as 4 months old and was in her biological Aunt's life for a year before that...why does that on..... I got a phone call... Continue Reading →

Littles Come to Visit

I got a text this morning from the Littles Grandfather: ANYM can you please take the munchkins for a little bit so I can clean the house and try to get their Mom off the street. I don't want you to change any plans just if you had time could you? In reality we go to church... Continue Reading →

Knowing your audience

I am currently a trainer for the state and as such I am well aware of the adage of knowing your audience so you get the best results. Unfortunately, I am the ONLY trainer in my section, oh heck there is only one of me in the whole organization. No I am not bragging but... Continue Reading →

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