Moments of Delight

I have taken this title from one of the blogs I read AdoptiveBlackMom. I love her blog and her most recent posts were about remembering the small delights along the way of this journey. So here are some of my moments of delight. When M2 turned her head and looked at me when she heard... Continue Reading →

No Way to Win

Today's exchange with M1: I haven’t slept all night; Baby S would only sleep in a weird position that made me hurt so I couldn’t sleep, do you think you can take her tonight? Mom please take her M1 I have to work and I have other kids in the house. I know it is... Continue Reading →


I know lately I have been complaining and venting a lot so I wanted to be sure to remember during the season of giving how truly blessed I actually am because yes it is hard to remember. Yesterday A sent me a message "I noticed you had a cold. Why don't you let me take... Continue Reading →

Memorial Day

I went to leave work and my boss says to me "Have a good Memorial Day." and I cringe inside, no Memorial Day isn't good. When you tell a veteran to have a good Memorial Day it is the equivalent of saying "Have fun at that funeral!!" I know it sounds absurd but it is the... Continue Reading →

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