Christmas Blues

I struggle a lot during the Christmas season and even when M1 is not off the wall it has always been hard to get through the holidays. I go through the motions, making cookies, going to mass, handing out presents and cooking the dinner but the whole time there is a persistent sadness that has... Continue Reading →

Mommy Tell Me the Truth

I was cornered in the house the other day by M2 and N.  Both looked at me very expectantly and asked me the question I knew at some point I would have to answer anyway. "Mommy is there a Santa Claus?" Now most parents I know field this question when the kids are 6 or... Continue Reading →

Sometimes It’s Me

I admit I have my own issues, sometimes those issues can interfere with my ability to parent. Fortunately I do reach out for help. Like I said in the previous post, the slope was getting slippery. Mothers Day is finally over and I am so glad. We had a talent show at church and M1... Continue Reading →

Starting to Heal

WOW let me tell you the surgery second time around hurts just as much as it did 15 years ago. Great news, healing well, scar tissues and calcifications cleared out and plate in with minimal complications. Now give me a moment to brag about the kiddos. My Mom took the kids on Tuesday and my... Continue Reading →

Parting with “stuff”

OK since M1 has come to my home she has struggled with being a borderline hoarder. We have worked long and hard about it being OK to let go of "things" but initially it was impossible. Literally, she would go to sleep and I would remove the things she no longer played with, she absolutely... Continue Reading →

Teaching Compassion

There is a group on Facebook that I belong too serving people in need in our community. Of course it is the holidays so there is a big need for Easter baskets. Well my friend and jumped at the chance we always buy stuff the day after Easter anyway so we were sure between the... Continue Reading →

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