Birthday Wishes

Tomorrow is Memorial Day a typically sad day for me as I remember my two fallen friends Phil and Lou. I will have my daughter and my BFF over tomorrow for a cook out and I will celebrate with my family. On Wednesday though it will be both my BFF's birthday and my niece's birthday.... Continue Reading →

Counting My Blessings

From church today, and my favorite part of this prayer: ...Lord grant that I may never seek so much to be consoled as to console. To be understood as to understand. To be loved as to love with all my heart....For it is in giving of ourselves that we receive...... Yes for those that know... Continue Reading →

Making Christmas Merry

Last night at the 4pm service the Rector talked about being more spiritual during Christmas not to convert people or "make them" follow your beliefs but rather to bring yourself peace during turbulent times. I heard what he said and tried to take it to heart, and then the texts started. I want to come... Continue Reading →

Lunch Dates

Today I had the chance to reconnect with a male friend who I use to date many years ago. We have a long history which includes some dark parts and some sunshine and roses parts. Truth be told, except that he hurt me badly the first time I would probably date him again. I love... Continue Reading →

The Slippery Slope

If I said my life was spinning way out of control right now I think it would be accurate. I am not sure you would see it if you were looking in on me but if you were my cubicle mate or my shadow you would see it for sure. Yes I share a cubicle... Continue Reading →

Keeping Old Promises

Wow I am just not even sure how to organize the latest in my brain. No worries things with N are going well and M1 and M2 well it is raising as usual. But here is where it gets complicated.... I have a friend named A. We have been friends since I was her respite... Continue Reading →

Demonstrating Forgiveness

Last night we had to make a run to the Armory I was assigned to when I deployed. I was going to meet one of my military friends and hand him some artifacts for the museum display he is creating for Operation Iraqi Freedom. I worked in Psychological Operations so I have some pretty unique... Continue Reading →

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