Waiting and hoping part 2

"Did you know I have a copy of your home study? I have to be honest when we looked at your home study we both thought-oh my God this is the perfect family for N." Yes that is exactly how the conversation with the therapist ended, word for word. I was stunned silent I have... Continue Reading →

What is it really like?

I was at the Foster Parent Appreciation dinner last night. They were doing awards and going on about this parent who is getting a 10 year award. Bunch nice complements but then they said "And 30 out of 40 just know her as the MAPP/GPS trainer" I literally looked at my table mates and said... Continue Reading →

One Chapter Ends….or does it

Well it is official, today I found out that the Little's Mom has an apartment and moves in on Monday. I want to be happy and part of me is, most of me is terrified, deeply terrified. She will be in an apartment at the YWCA and part of that is good but then again,... Continue Reading →

Daring to Hope???

Ok so the old homefinder was replaced and the new ones stepped in.┬áBoth of them teach the MAPP/GPS class with me and one of them is my case worker so sometimes things are awkward. Well my caseworker called me and told me good news, looks like Mom got an apartment so things could finally move.... Continue Reading →

Holy Muddy Water Batman

OK so let me be very clear since I found out that my homefinder would not represent me I have been in a bit of a funk. On top of that I had a huge health issues which results in me no longer being allowed caffeine....soo...between being very angry at the homefinder, disappointed that maybe... Continue Reading →

Feeling Defeated

So it has been almost a week since both C's recruiter and I have reached out to my homefinder. I made excuses, tried┬áto think of reasons she did not call and assumed the worst. Finally today I had enough, I checked with one of her co workers, confirmed she was in and nothing catastrophic happened... Continue Reading →

Victory with Little Bit

Well it has been three months of me trying so hard to get Little Bit to trust me more and let me mother her. I always ask "Can I hug you? Can I give you a kiss? May I have a hug?" and sometimes when I get a "NO" I respect it and don't do... Continue Reading →

Easter Firsts

Last night we colored eggs as is the tradition in our house. My BFF comes over and we all color eggs the night before Easter. Little Man and Little Bit had never colored eggs before. The look of awe on their faces was amazing as M1 and M2 showed them what to do and what... Continue Reading →

A Little Man Break Through

Little Man has been having a having a hard time. He sees Mom and Dad every week and wonders why Dad is working so much he cannot come home to live with him. He sees Mom in rehab and asks when he is moving there. Most days I let the questions remain unanswered or reply... Continue Reading →

Weekend Funny I have to share

Ok so this weekend in upstate NY was beautiful. I let the kids play outside while I watched as my house is near a major road. They happily played for hours but then dinner time came. I told the kids they could play on the deck which extends the width of my house. The kitchen... Continue Reading →

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