Keeping Things Moving

So things got moving really fast, phew it has been a whirl wind. The adoption worker did email me and sent me 13 attachments and documents I had to fill out. I downloaded everything and spent yesterday filling it out. Today I asked about a half a million questions about the paperwork. Yikes I had forgotten... Continue Reading →

The Impossible Happens

OK it almost happened. I literally almost quit right before the miracle happened. I wanted to give up on the adoption thing truly I did. I asked about N three weeks ago and no answer for three weeks. I called one last desperate time to get a hope of a time frame for an answer... Continue Reading →

Feeling Defeated

So it has been almost a week since both C's recruiter and I have reached out to my homefinder. I made excuses, tried to think of reasons she did not call and assumed the worst. Finally today I had enough, I checked with one of her co workers, confirmed she was in and nothing catastrophic happened... Continue Reading →

Three Month Review

The Case Manager came to the house today as part of his monthly check in. He made small talk with Little Man and looked at the house per usual but again appeared distracted. After saying hello to Little Bit he sighed and looked at me "Do you have two minutes and not front of the kids?"... Continue Reading →

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