Heart Breaking Talks

So I still see Little Bit and Little Man and this weekend I got to have Little Bit come and visit. Her brother was running a fever and not himself so it was tough but of course I love to take either or both of them. When I went to pick them up Little Bit... Continue Reading →

Chicken Soup Follow Up

Dear "ANYM " Your story “A Voice in the Desert  ” has made it to the final selection round for Chicken Soup for the Soul: Angels and Miracles. We are so appreciative of your participation and very excited about this book. Please find enclosed the final version of your story for approval. Please review your story for truth, accuracy of... Continue Reading →

Dantes Inferno

I remember as a teen reading about Dante's Inferno and the levels of hell. I was raised strict Catholic at the time so I realized that there are not really levels of hell there is just hell. Fast forward 30 years and I am an adult now and I realize there truly are levels of... Continue Reading →

Goodbye to the Littles

I dropped them off tonight and put on the show like I am required to do. Super supportive to the Mom and positive to the kids. How does that song go from Evita Call in three months time and I'll be fine, I know Well maybe not that fine, but I'll survive anyhow I won't... Continue Reading →

The Continuing Little’s Saga

Well today we had an emergency meeting about the Little's. Mom and Dad were invited and Dad did not show up. Case worker and Supervisor blew gaskets the are suppose to go home next week!!!! All right deep breath everybody off the ledge. We talked to Mom and she has no child care plan for... Continue Reading →

Frustrated at the Process

So things looked good on N's side, the workers agreed, the agency she lives in agrees and her guardian ad litum agrees I am a good match. The problem of course is my agency. I sent a flurry of emails with details of N to my worker to get her board. She says she is... Continue Reading →

The Winding Road

So the whole thing with C did not work and I was bummed for a bit. I looked through the NY kids and one kept appearing no matter how I sorted it. I read her profile and nothing jumped out. It seemed quaint but I knew there was more to the details so I called... Continue Reading →

One Chapter Ends….or does it

Well it is official, today I found out that the Little's Mom has an apartment and moves in on Monday. I want to be happy and part of me is, most of me is terrified, deeply terrified. She will be in an apartment at the YWCA and part of that is good but then again,... Continue Reading →

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