Day Camp Crisis

This week M2 started day camp at the YMCA. She has gone here before but never by herself. OK I knew she would be anxious. I tried to get her to talk and she remained sullen. I tried to encourage her and she lashed out. OMG so frustrating but it is what it is. First... Continue Reading →

Christmas Time

Christmas time came and went and we had a ton of firsts and excitement. On Christmas eve we baked cookies. M1 had never on her own made up cookie dough and N had never actually stamped out sugar cookies before. Both did well and yes I took charge of baking because, well that is annoying... Continue Reading →

10 Days of N time

OK well there were bumps nothing major just a few defiance issues regarding hygiene. The positives way outweighed the bumps though so no worries. Lets see, I told you Thanksgiving so here is the rest. - She got to meet my boss when I had to work in the office and had no child care... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Firsts

So today was a day of firsts for Miss N. We started off by watching the Macy's day parade. She has never seen the parade before and looked in awe as we explained we sometimes go to see it in real life. We tried to explain how big the balloons were and she clearly did... Continue Reading →

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