Please Fast Forward

OK so to all the other Moms out there trying to balance kids, work and maintaining your sanity how are you balancing it? I am about to fall apart at the seams. My night time crying has turned to intermittent day time crying and no it is not pretty. I am completely overwhelmed and yes... Continue Reading →

No Way to Win

Today's exchange with M1: I haven’t slept all night; Baby S would only sleep in a weird position that made me hurt so I couldn’t sleep, do you think you can take her tonight? Mom please take her M1 I have to work and I have other kids in the house. I know it is... Continue Reading →

The Slippery Slope

If I said my life was spinning way out of control right now I think it would be accurate. I am not sure you would see it if you were looking in on me but if you were my cubicle mate or my shadow you would see it for sure. Yes I share a cubicle... Continue Reading →

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