Being Teenagers

OK I admit it M1 is many times the challenge in my world but sometimes, she does something that lets me know in there deep down and buried is basically a good kid. Yesterday was that day and here is how it unfolded. I went downstairs to M1's room to install the new baseboard heater.... Continue Reading →

Casting Call

Sounds like an interesting thought doesn't it?? What if I said it was real and we all actually went to a casting call for an upcoming movie that Ben Stiller is going to produce for Showtime??? Yes I drove the kids and my BFF 3 hours to audition for a part in a mini-series, why... Continue Reading →

Learning to Skate

Nope mean that literally. We live in upstate NY and for many  months it is cold and snowy. As such you get to like outdoor things like skating and snow tubing. My kids have been skating since they were 5 and 3. Yep M2 started sooner cus she was with me and I "forced" her.... Continue Reading →

More Visit Time

WOW another world wind weekend with N and I am at home now and exhausted. Yes still worth it but dang I am getting old HAHAHAHA. On Saturday it is rainy and gross to be honest. We went to a place called WonderWorks in Syracuse. The link is WonderWorks OMG so freaking much fun. There was... Continue Reading →

Breaking from the pain

Well I have to pick up the pieces. No I have not been cleared yet. I was told "my goal is to submit next week (this week)" It's ok it is my life on hold no rush you are only on week 6 of 8 before you MUST make a determination. I am angry good... Continue Reading →

Visiting our house

So yesterday N came to our house for a day visit. She was thrilled she was coming over but of course nervous too. M2 gave her the grand house tour and we had lunch. My BFF came over and we went to the trampoline park to bounce off some energy. Well for the better part... Continue Reading →

Winter Walk in the park.

We took a walk yesterday in the park near our home. We had a great time the weather was a bit rainy so we had the whole place to ourselves. We only ended up doing a mile but it was fun and the dogs had a blast.

Countdown to Disney

Well life in NY is snowy at the least. The good news is that in a few short days, 2 to be exact, we are heading to Orlando Florida for our yearly trip to Disney. The better news is that all five of us our going. I am sooooo excited I can't even stand it. My... Continue Reading →

Superbowl and the kidlets

So I don't do TV in our house really, we have one and sometimes we watch what is actually current but not usually. Today I told the kids we could watch the Superbowl. They were off the wall excited and I approached it cautiously so much could go wrong. We all hop on the couch,... Continue Reading →

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