Apparently I’ve lost my freedoms

I got a call today and they said to me... "If you do not allow M1 to move back into the home then we  will be press neglect and abandonment charges against you." I tried to explain that she left of her own free will, she is abusive and volatile with us and that she... Continue Reading →

More Issues Surface

I picked up Little Bit today from daycare as Grandfather is having issues with kidney stones and was in a lot of pain. I get to the daycare and the Director stops me, "Hey ANYM Mom is not in rehab she is three blocks down from here. Do you want to pick her up this time... Continue Reading →

Dantes Inferno

I remember as a teen reading about Dante's Inferno and the levels of hell. I was raised strict Catholic at the time so I realized that there are not really levels of hell there is just hell. Fast forward 30 years and I am an adult now and I realize there truly are levels of... Continue Reading →

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