Talking About Being Muslim

Today I had a very interesting conversation with M2 when we went to pick up Baby Shark. I will start with we are practicing Episcopalian and I am on the Vestry or the governing body for our church. So having this foundation the story will continue LOL. We went downstairs to pick up the Shark... Continue Reading →

Old School Skills

Sometimes the fact that I am "older" than many of the other Mom's of the kids my kids associate with has an advantage. Effective today the Governor said all folks have to wear something covering their mouth and nose when out in public. Enter the skill set.....sewing. Yep I own a sewing machine and of... Continue Reading →

Eastern State Penitentiary

Sometimes I have to sneak an education in on the kids. So being a super huge reality crime freak, I love the chance to see real life locations for real world terrors. Yep I am well read on things like the mob, sooo imagine my excitement when I heard that the Eastern State Penitentiary housed... Continue Reading →

Week One Down

So it has been almost 10 days of them being in school and so far wow not expected. N is doing well overall and I have no complaints from her teacher. M2 is testing boundaries and putting the new staff through their paces. Nothing really serious but enough that it had to be addressed. Oh... Continue Reading →

You are going down substitute!!!

I am sooo freaking mad right now I am writing to calm down and process this information.┬áM1 told me that she had a substitute English teacher one day this week. This piece of garbage said to a student in the class "Well it is obvious you are not listening. Your parents probably want to give... Continue Reading →

Open House Take Three

Finally the last of the open houses...uggg I know I have to go and if I had less kids I would have less to attend LOL I actually dread this one because it is a small town and I have been labeled as a foster mom and depending on the teacher is the warmth of... Continue Reading →

School Open House Take One

Tonight was the open house at the elementary school for the 4th and 5th graders. Off I go to find out about all the new and exciting things this year will potentially bring for M2. A group assembly is first and they talk about bullying, respect for all and of course core curriculum. They then... Continue Reading →

First Day of School

I knew it was coming....I woke up at 3:30am to M2 in my room saying "Time to get up?" No sweetie it is not go back to bed but no she climbs in with me and promptly falls asleep. I stare at the ceiling, yep I am one of those when I am up I... Continue Reading →

The Eve of School

So I get a call from the babysitter, M2 is out of control can I talk to her. She is punching Little Man and kicking him. I talked to her and she storms out "I did it before I do it again and you no stop me" We talk for a minute but she is... Continue Reading →

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